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Welcome to Nana's Secret

Nana's Not So Secret Sodas

Introducing Nana's Secret - the premium, cannabis-infused soda that's not such a secret anymore. Made with Nana's classic family recipes and a perfect microdose of legal, hemp-derived THC. Experience the nostalgic flavors you love with a delightfully uplifting twist.

Nana's Secret comes in tried-and-true flavors like Root Beer, Honey Lime Ginger Ale, Orange Cream, and Strawberry Lemonade. Each can contains 5mg of THC for a light, social buzz. It's like sipping on a childhood memory with an extra kick.

Our sodas are infused with premium, greenhouse-grown hemp from Nana's own garden. Formulated for pure enjoyment without any crashing or burnout. The refreshing flavors and light cannabis high provide an uplifting, feel-good experience to enhance any occasion.

Flavors Straight From Nana's Kitchen

Good Vibes From Nana's Garden

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